Ted is brought out of retirement by Colonel Nick Mancuso, HELLHOUND's former commander to investigate Shadow Jesus Island. HELLHOUND, now under control of Liquid Ted, had threatened the United States with nuclear missiles which would be fired from the never-before-heard-of Death Walker TED. Liquid also requested the body of Big Papa and one billion dollars within 24 hours. After receiving an injection of nanomachines from Dr. Bailey Linzer, Ted was sent to the island. After learning that Shadow Jesus Island had a massive military base, he snuck into the main facility through a prison cell window. In the cell happened to be Ben Carson, who told Ted that Death Walker TED was capable of nuclear strikes. He told Ted that two launch codes were required to activate Death Walker TED, one from him, which was already given to HELLHOUND, and one from Kenneth Mancini, who was being held somewhere within the building. Ted was also told that deactivation could be done with three card keys which Ted would have to obtain all of. Ben Carson mysteriously died of a heart attack after telling Ted this information. After leaving the room, Ted ran into Emma who held him at gunpoint. Realizing that Ted was not working under HELLHOUND, they teamed up to escape the prison area. Ted acquired a security card off of a guard which allowed him to use the elevator and search for Kenneth. Ted found Kenneth tied to a pillar rigged with C4 explosives hooked up to wires around the room. Before attempting the maze of wires, Flintlock Ocelot came out of the shadows to shoot Ted. Suddenly, what appeared to be a cyborg ninja dropped from the ceiling and in several fast strikes, defused all the wires and cut off Ocelot's arm. Ocelot escaped whilst carrying his severed arm, but dropped one of card keys which Ted took. Ted then went on to Kenneth, who gave him the launch data, and told him that the two other keys are in possession of Emma and Dr. Josh Young. Kenneth also was abruptly stopped by a heart attack similar to Ben Carson. On his way to Josh, Ted received a mysterious call from a man calling himself Deepthroat. Deepthroat warned Ted that ahead of him was a tank and claymore mines. Ted then crawled through the minefield, using them to his advantage by relocating them in different spots to take down the tank, piloted by Klingon Raven who fled the explosion. Upon entering Dr. Young's office, Ted was ambushed by the cyborg ninja from before who fought against Ted. Ted barely survived because the ninja had a heart attack and retreated. Ted then learned that the ninja was Gay Fox, as they had similar fighting styles and few people have such knowledge and hatred of Ted. Ted then continued to meet Dr. Josh Young, an avid Nintendo fan, who had created the Death Walker TED design. He gave Ted the second key, but Ted was shocked that he did not die in a similar fashion to Ben Carson and Kenneth. Ted tracked down Emma and obtained the final key, but before heading to shut down Death Walker TED, Emma was possessed by the psychic Psycho Javelin. Ted knocked out Emma for his and her safety and fought against Javelin who used mind-reading, levitation, time stopping, and psychokinesis (specifically large spikes of ice) to defeat Ted. Ted started singing True by Spandau Ballet while subconsciously fighting Psycho to defeat him as he could only read Ted's active thoughts. Ted and Emma then escaped the facility to enter the building in which the Death Walker was being housed. As soon as they exited out into open area, Emma was shot by Sniper Puma to lure out Ted and kill him. Ted headed to the armory to retrieve a sniper of his own. After finding one, Ted was captured and tortured by Ocelot. Ted did not give in to torture but the launch data was taken allowing HELLHOUND to unleash nuclear strikes. Ted was thrown in a cell with the dead body of Ben Carson, who appeared to have been dead for days. Josh rescued Ted using his newly-developed stealth camo. Ted then climbed up to the top of the building he was being held in, only to be met by Liquid Ted in an attack helicopter. Ted found a Yellowjacket missile launcher laying around and used it to take down Liquid. Ted then went on to the snowfields in which Sniper Puma was. She told Ted that she was hunting him down and that all vantage points were guarded by her mountain lions. Ted easily managed to get past these mountain lions because of his experience from the time he spent with his cats and the Eskimos. Ted then defeated the sniper and went on with Josh to the control room. Ted had run into Klingon Raven for a second time, armed with a gatling gun. Ted easily defeated him. In his final breath, Raven told Ted that the Ben Carson he had met was Decoy Squig in disguise. Ted felt a sting in his neck followed by a call from Colonel Mancuso that Dr. Linzer had been arrested as she had involvement with HELLHOUND and was linked to the deaths of Ben Carson, Kenneth Mancini, and Jacob Linzer. Later on, Ted had received a call from Josh stating that he had overheard guards talking about TED's preparations being completed. Ted continued on to where Ocelot and Liquid were located and eavesdropped on them. They planned new demands for the White House, Big Papa's DNA, another billion dollars, and the TEDDIE vaccine. They then would use these resources to turn Shadow Jesus Island into yet another Outer Hell. Ted then shot at the glass to kill both Liquid and Ocelot, but to his surprise, the windows were bulletproof and the doors locked. Liquid laughed at Ted and sent Ocelot to kill him. Ted ran away in embarrassment and shock. Ted received a call from the arrested Dr. Bailey Linzer who told him her brother was Jacob Linzer, more commonly known as Gay Fox. Gay Fox had taken care of her after her parents deaths, and they were both taken to America to live a better life by Big Papa. Both Devin and Jacob had been killed by Ted in the Djibouti Land Disturbance and she grew a hatred towards him. She vowed to get revenge so she joined HELLHOUND to create the TEDDIE virus which targets and kills specific people based on their genetic structure. She had injected a strain that would eliminate Ted with his nanomachines before the mission. It was only a matter of time before the virus would kill him like it did Kenneth, Squig, and Gay Fox. Ted finally reached the Death Walker's control panel and inserted the three keys, only to be greeted by a message stating, "Death Walker TED: Online." Liquid Ted approached Ted, laughing and telling him that Decoy Squig had lied to Ted, so Ted would find all of the keys and activate Death Walker TED. Liquid then told Ted that they were twins born of the Les Parents Terribles project and that he hated Ted because Ted received all of Big Papa's dominant genes and he received the recessive, making him the inferior Ted. This became even more so when Ted killed and surpassed their father. They both climbed on top of Death Walker TED with intention to use it. A fistfight ensued in which Liquid shoved Solid off of the Death Walker. The Death Walker was about to destroy Ted until presumed dead Gay Fox appeared, telling Ted that even though they had been enemies before, his near-death experience made him decide that they would reunite as friends. Gay Fox then fought against the Death Walker but was crushed. Gay Fox's sacrifice bought enough time for Ted to find his Yellowjacket from earlier and shoot Death Walker TED's weak spot. The explosion shut down Death Walker TED but trapped Ted under debris from the Death Walker. Liquid climbed out of TED and came near Ted with a bowie knife. Suddenly, Liquid died to Ted's strain of the TEDDIE virus and the debris was lifted off of Ted by Emma. Ted was confused why he did not die of the strain because he shares identical genes with Liquid. Josh then appeared by deactivating his stealth camo. He told Ted that the reason Liquid died to TEDDIE but not him was because before Ted fought Klingon Raven, he synthesized a vaccine that he injected into Ted with stealth camo active. Liquid died because he caught the strain from Ted and had the same genes. Ted, Emma, and Josh then escaped Shadow Jesus Island together. Separately, Ocelot managed to escape the island and reported the events to the United States president, whom he referred to as Solidus Ted, telling him that his stability will help him defeat the imperfect Solid Ted easily.

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